Musician Raftaar Take a Bold Step Against the Maker of Kissing Prank Video in India

By: Sandeep
06 January, 2017

We all Know Musician Raftaar who is he and what he did so why we are talking about him because he did something amazing. He makes the post on Facebook and targeting the  SUMIT VERMA aka THE CRAZY SUMIT who is making prank videos on Youtube. Recently Sumit Verma made a video about kissing prank which is not suitable to our Indian culture. That's why Raftaar takes a step against this video. 



First Let take a look what the kissing prank video was

This is the video and what Raftaar Said in his Post against the video is
"Yeh jo KISSING PRANK bana raha hai. SUMIT VERMA aka THE CRAZY SUMIT. Ek video aur bana de aisi. Tujhe ghar se ghaseet ke nikalunga aur bazaar me marunga live video pe. Saale sari jaydaat laga dunga teri barbaadi me. Tu ek aur ladki ko zabardasti haath laga ke dikha. Banau tera prank.
Agar koi bhi ise janta ho to zara khabar pohcha dena. Artist Celebrity gaya gaand marane. Sara kaam chodd ke teri jaan sukha dunga.

The maker of video apologized


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